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— About —

TeenStreet is an international Christian conference for teens. Our purpose is to work together with the church to inspire and equip Christian young people to have a real relationship with Jesus and to reflect Him daily in their world.

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— History —

The first TeenStreet took place in 1993 with 56 people. Today, TeenStreet hosts about 3,600 from across Europe. Since the early days, TeenStreet has combined large worship gatherings with small-group Bible studies, interaction and support for each teen, so no one gets lost in the crowd. 

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— Support —

TeenStreet is presented by OM, an international mission organisation working in over 110 countries. OM is a non-profit organisation that depends on the support of churches, ministry partners and friends. Find out here how you can support the ministry of TeenStreet through prayer and finances.

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